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1149 E. Commerce St. Suite 207 | San Antonio, TX 78205




Out of the Vault: 85 Years of Collecting at the Witte Museum

Recurrence Info

Recurrence Pattern
Daily - every 1 day(s)
Range of Recurrence
From 16-Sep-11 To 29-Apr-12
Event Time
10:00 AM - 5:00 PM CST
Occurrences - 227
        (Occurrences with * indicate converted events. Deleted is in faded color)
16-Sep-11 17-Sep-11 18-Sep-11 19-Sep-11 20-Sep-11
21-Sep-11 22-Sep-11 23-Sep-11 24-Sep-11 25-Sep-11
26-Sep-11 27-Sep-11 28-Sep-11 29-Sep-11 30-Sep-11*
1-Oct-11* 2-Oct-11* 3-Oct-11 4-Oct-11 5-Oct-11
6-Oct-11 7-Oct-11 8-Oct-11 9-Oct-11 10-Oct-11
11-Oct-11 12-Oct-11 13-Oct-11 14-Oct-11 15-Oct-11
16-Oct-11 17-Oct-11 18-Oct-11 19-Oct-11 20-Oct-11
21-Oct-11 22-Oct-11 23-Oct-11 24-Oct-11 25-Oct-11
26-Oct-11 27-Oct-11 28-Oct-11 29-Oct-11 30-Oct-11
31-Oct-11 1-Nov-11 2-Nov-11 3-Nov-11 4-Nov-11
5-Nov-11 6-Nov-11 7-Nov-11 8-Nov-11 9-Nov-11
10-Nov-11 11-Nov-11* 12-Nov-11 13-Nov-11 14-Nov-11
15-Nov-11 16-Nov-11 17-Nov-11 18-Nov-11 19-Nov-11
20-Nov-11 21-Nov-11 22-Nov-11 23-Nov-11 24-Nov-11
25-Nov-11 26-Nov-11 27-Nov-11 28-Nov-11 29-Nov-11
30-Nov-11 1-Dec-11 2-Dec-11 3-Dec-11 4-Dec-11
5-Dec-11 6-Dec-11 7-Dec-11 8-Dec-11 9-Dec-11
10-Dec-11 11-Dec-11 12-Dec-11 13-Dec-11 14-Dec-11
15-Dec-11 16-Dec-11 17-Dec-11 18-Dec-11 19-Dec-11
20-Dec-11 21-Dec-11 22-Dec-11 23-Dec-11 24-Dec-11
25-Dec-11 26-Dec-11 27-Dec-11 28-Dec-11 29-Dec-11
30-Dec-11 31-Dec-11 1-Jan-12 2-Jan-12 3-Jan-12
4-Jan-12 5-Jan-12 6-Jan-12 7-Jan-12 8-Jan-12
9-Jan-12 10-Jan-12 11-Jan-12 12-Jan-12 13-Jan-12
14-Jan-12 15-Jan-12 16-Jan-12 17-Jan-12 18-Jan-12
19-Jan-12 20-Jan-12 21-Jan-12 22-Jan-12 23-Jan-12
24-Jan-12 25-Jan-12 26-Jan-12 27-Jan-12 28-Jan-12
29-Jan-12 30-Jan-12 31-Jan-12 1-Feb-12 2-Feb-12
3-Feb-12 4-Feb-12 5-Feb-12 6-Feb-12 7-Feb-12
8-Feb-12 9-Feb-12 10-Feb-12 11-Feb-12 12-Feb-12
13-Feb-12 14-Feb-12 15-Feb-12 16-Feb-12 17-Feb-12
18-Feb-12 19-Feb-12 20-Feb-12 21-Feb-12 22-Feb-12
23-Feb-12 24-Feb-12 25-Feb-12 26-Feb-12 27-Feb-12
28-Feb-12 29-Feb-12 1-Mar-12 2-Mar-12 3-Mar-12
4-Mar-12 5-Mar-12 6-Mar-12 7-Mar-12 8-Mar-12
9-Mar-12 10-Mar-12 11-Mar-12 12-Mar-12 13-Mar-12
14-Mar-12 15-Mar-12 16-Mar-12 17-Mar-12 18-Mar-12
19-Mar-12 20-Mar-12 21-Mar-12 22-Mar-12 23-Mar-12
24-Mar-12 25-Mar-12 26-Mar-12 27-Mar-12 28-Mar-12
29-Mar-12 30-Mar-12 31-Mar-12 1-Apr-12 2-Apr-12
3-Apr-12 4-Apr-12 5-Apr-12 6-Apr-12 7-Apr-12
8-Apr-12 9-Apr-12 10-Apr-12 11-Apr-12 12-Apr-12
13-Apr-12 14-Apr-12 15-Apr-12 16-Apr-12 17-Apr-12
18-Apr-12 19-Apr-12 20-Apr-12 21-Apr-12 22-Apr-12
23-Apr-12 24-Apr-12 25-Apr-12 26-Apr-12 27-Apr-12
28-Apr-12 29-Apr-12

 Event Contact

Cassandra Yardeni

 Event Location

Witte Museum
3801 Broadway
San Antonio TX 78209  USA
Phone: (210) 357-1910
Fax: (210) 357-1882

 Event Details

October 8, 2011 marks the 85th Anniversary of San Antonio’s first museum, the Witte Museum. In honor of this milestone, the Witte presents three exhibitions that highlight the depth, diversity and importance of the Witte’s collections of almost 200,000 artifacts.

Out of the Vault: Celebrating 85 Years of Collecting at the Witte Museum, gives visitors a chance to discover some of the best artifacts drawn from the vast Witte collections amassed since 1926 including natural history, art, military, arms and armor, anthropology, archives and history. Learn how the diversity of the Witte’s collections reflect the heritage of South Texas and our place in the world.