our partnership 
with Health by Design

The Fire and Police Retiree Health and Wellness Fund partners with Health by Design. Members of The Fund and their families have access to 3 specialized clinics staffed by Health by Design professionals. These clinics are conveniently located on the North Central side off Paesanos Parkway, on the Southeast side near Brooks City Base and our newest Wellness Center on the North West Side off Tezel Rd. and Culebra.

Health by Design offers patients a customized health care experience that focuses on the mind, body and soul. This is called Well+Being Care. In every life Health by Design touches, they seek to produce a healthy body, sound mind, and hope-filled spirit that inspires the patient to live a healthier, more rewarding life.

This transformative health care experience includes more time with doctor’s and staff, an individualized health plan tailored to each patient’s needs, an executive Well+Being Exam to assess overall well-being and more. 

Health by Design clinics offer primary care and specialty care including fitness, nutrition and mental health. All 3 clinics are available to members of The Fund and their families free of charge.

Availability of some services may be impacted due to COVID-19


Influenza vaccines will be offered at all three Wellness Clinics. Health by Design will be offering two types of vaccine:

    Available to all patient
    6 months and older

    Available to patients 65 and older
  • Appointment Availability
  • Vaccines will be provided as a walk-in service.
    No appointment required (walk-in hours below)
  • They will be on a first come-first served basis
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    WALK-IN HOURS: 8:30am - 11:30am & 1:00pm - 4:00pm


    Thursday, September 30
    Monday, October 4


    Monday, September 27
    Wednesday, October 6


    Wednesday, September 29
    Tuesday, October 5
    If you are not able to make one of the days and times listed, you may call the clinic to schedule an appointment. Flu shots are available to established patients at the Wellness Clinic


    Primary Care

    Exclusive, convenient access to whole-person medical care focused on prevention and wellness.

     Services include:

    • Annual Well+Being exams, (see description below) and physical exams, to include well-woman exams
    • Management of chronic diseases, such as diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and other conditions; coordination of specialty care if needed
    • Sick care for minor illnesses such as sinus infections, digestive issues, coughs and colds
    • Care of minor injuries, sprains, and strains
    • Blood pressure and glucose checks
    • Comprehensive laboratory services, to include blood work, urine testing, flu, and strep throat testing
    • Certain immunizations such as flu and pneumonia
    • Administration of allergy injections or therapeutic injections prescribed by an outside doctor and reviewed by an HBD physician
    • Prescription refills of medications prescribed by a HBD physician
    • Evaluation of skin conditions
      • Ear wax removal
      WelL+Being Exam™

      A Well+Being Exam™ is an annual health assessment provided free to all members of The Fund and their families. This assessment and its follow-up appointment focus on prevention, early detection and healthy living. Through our Well+Being Exam™ patients are encouraged and inspired to live healthier, happier and more rewarding lives. 

      Your Well+Being Exam™ Includes:

      • Biometric Assessment (height, weight, blood pressure, pulse, waist circumference, BMI)
      • Comprehensive Lab Work, including extensive cardiac labs for patients age 45 and up
      • CIMT Scan – a non-invasive ultrasound to detect vascular disease and cardiovascular risk before symptoms occur
      • Body Composition & Bone Density Scan
      • Hearing & Visual Acuity Screenings
      • Depression & Anxiety Screenings
      • Epworth Sleepiness Scale
      • Follow-up Examination, Consultation & Action Planning with your Physician

      Members of The Fund can now schedule a Well+Being Exam™ for 2021. All initial exams will take place at our Northwest Center off Tezel Rd. and Culebra. Follow up appointments can be provided at any of our clinics.

      Patient action plans may include physical therapy, counseling services and/or virtual fitness classes. Members of The Fund and their families may access these services at no charge.

      Physical Therapy

      Hands-on care to restore and improve physical function, reduce pain, increase mobility, and maintain your independent lifestyle.  Therapy focuses on strength, range of motion, balance, and coordination.

      Licensed Professional Counselors

      Individual and group counseling services for mental, behavioral, and emotional challenges including depression, anxiety, grief, and trauma.

      Health & Nutritional Coaching
      Personalized health coaching focused on sustainable weight loss and healthy lifestyle.  Includes weekly, 30-minute educational, and accountability sessions with a Registered Nurse. 
      Care Navigation

      Compassionate and personalized support through the health journey for patients and caregivers under the direction of an RN

      Services include:

      • Help arranging appointments
      • Screening for distress
      • Referrals to support resources
      • Coordination of care between PCP and Specialists
      • Communication with Family and Care Givers
      • Facilitating follow-up care
      • Reducing service duplication
      • Providing healthy living education and support

      Improving health outcomes and quality of life

      Fund Connect

      Small-group classes that support your physical and mental health through exercise, education, and support groups.  Stay informed, empowered, and active in your own health.

      (for Virtual: from the comfort and safety of your home.)

      Exercise Classes
      Stretch & Flex classes to address sore joints, stress, flexibility, and balance.
      Virtual Care
      Video appointments and secure messaging to connect with your dedicated care team through your smart phone.  Available when a knee-to-knee visit isn’t an option.
      Specialized care for patients with complicated diabetes or other endocrine disease problems by a physician board certified in Internal Medicine; Endocrinology, Diabetes and Metabolism; and Lifestyle Medicine
      Diabetic Foot Care
      Routine care of foot conditions and toenails by a certified foot care nurse to prevent serious foot problems related to diabetes.


      Northwest Center for Health and Well+Being

      5530 Tezel Rd.
      San Antonio, TX 78250
      (210) 809-6760

      • Primary Care
      • Well+Being Exam
      • Physical Therapy
      • Licensed Professional Counselors
      • Health & Nutritional Coaching (HNC)
      • Care Navigation
      • Fund Connect (Virtual Connect)
      • Exercise Classes
      • Virtual Care
      • Endocrinology
      • Immunizations
      • Diabetic Foot Care

      Paesanos Parkway Wellness Clinic

      3602 Paesanos Pkwy, Suite 108
      San Antonio, TX 78231
      (210) 492-1333

      • Primary Care
      • Well+Being Exam™ (Follow-Up Consultation Only)
      • Health & Nutritional Coaching (HNC)
      • Care Navigation
      • Virtual Care
      • Immunizations

      City Base
      Wellness Clinic

      7003 S. New Braunfels Ave, Suite 130 
      San Antonio, TX 78223 
      (210) 465-9592

      • Primary Care
      • Well+Being Exam™ (Follow-Up Consultation Only)
      • Health & Nutritional Coaching (HNC)
      • Care Navigation
      • Virtual Care
      • Immunizations